Get the Comfort, Convenience and Peace of Mind with a Standby Generator from Bruder Electric, Inc.

Bruder Electric, Inc. is an authorized dealer of a number of different makes of generators. We are certified to install your standby energy system as well as maintain it and take care of any warranty issues. Our installations also come with our exclusive lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Many companies installing standby generators do not stand behind the systems when there is a problem. They tell the client to call the manufacturer and get on their warranty list for service. At Bruder Electric, Inc., you only need to remember one phone number, ours. We will service your unit Dzfrom cradle to gravedz so that you have the peace of mind knowing that someone will respond to your needs in a timely and professional manner.

Why use Bruder Electric?

  1. We are an authorized dealer to sell, install and service your generator.
  2. We are residential electrical specialists, which means that we understand your homes electrical system and needs, allowing us to properly size and correctly install a generator to fit your specific home’s needs.
  3. We use only the best quality of materials, not short cutting the installation to save money. We place your safety over any profit.
  4. We have our exclusive Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship, which means if we didn’t do it right the first time, you don’t pay to have it fixed the second time, no matter how long ago it was installed.
  5. We will stand behind your generator always. Whether you have a warranty call, need a service call, maintenance performed or you just have a question, you call us for all your generator needs.

Do you need a generator?

People say that having a generator is a good idea, but they don't really need one. To some degree, I have to agree with that. However, there are a lot of reasons to have one which, professionally speaking, makes them a necessity.

Power Outages are becoming more frequent

Storms are getting more severe and causing more frequent power outages. It doesn't help that the electrical grid is being stressed more each year with record breaking usage. This also leads to the electrical grid becoming more vulnerable to outside attacks.

They protect your home's assets as well as yourself

Generators can assist in multiple ways to protect your home's assets, including keeping the heat on, keeping your food cold, allowing your sump pump to continue running, and to allow your lights to remain on. With the lights and heat staying on, you will also be safer as a result.