Home Automation

When people hear the phrase “Home Automation”, what usually comes to mind is someone with control of their home appliances and devices directly from their smartphone. While that can be an accurate depiction in some cases, it’s not always so complicated. Home Automation can be something as small as a digital wall timer so that you can control one light automatically.

At Bruder Electric, Inc., we offer a wide variety of Home Automation options, including but not limited to simple lighting control, indoor and outdoor cameras, HVAC control, door locks, and audio. With lights, we can set them to turn on and off automatically while still giving you the control to operate them with a switch as you did before. We also have programs to match your budget while still giving you both the security and peace of mind that you desire.

Why Home Automation?

There are many reasons why Home Automation is sought after. It increases comfort in the home and allows for some more convenience during your leisure time, but most importantly, it increases the level of security in your home, allowing you as the home-owner to have more peace of mind, knowing you’re safer.

What is Home Automation?

At first mention, “Home Automation” might sound difficult, but the truth is it really isn’t all that complicated. We remove the light switch and then install a brand new switch. The difference is, this new switch is programmed by us to link to a specific device that can in turn be used to turn the lights on and off. What’s really convenient is even with this specific programming, the switch can still be used to manually turn them on and off at your leisure.

For example, if your front door light is programmed to turn off at 11:00 PM, but you would like to turn in early for the night, you can turn the lights off early and it will reset for the next on/off cycle. It only ever gets a bit complex as more circuits and lights are added to the programming, but even then we take care of all of the programming in a way to ensure the system is still simple to understand and operate for you, the user.